Studio Staff


From the Director

Each summer at Oxbow has been an exceptionally rewarding opportunity for me. It is exciting to see the effect that just a few weeks of living in the Oxbow community can have on one’s artistic and personal growth. For me, the richness of ideas, deep listening, and open communication that develops during the summer far extends beyond the “Ox-bubble.” Our program is as much about the art, as it is about defining who we are, and how we choose to interact with the people and environment around us.

Our immersive camp program is a unique, energetic collaboration that evolves each year. During the summer, we live, work, and play in a culture that truly values co-learning and co-teaching. Both students and staff are an integral part in the foundation of a community that supports a critical inquiry and open-mindedness.

The conversations and artwork generated during camp inspire me on many levels. It is amazing how much Oxbow invigorates each individual’s artistic practice, including my own. Oxbow is a place that reminds us that with focused intention we can develop and honor the space to explore and develop confidence in our creative nature.

I look forward to welcoming the remarkably talented staff and campers for our 2018 program.

Susan Lynn Smith