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The Oxbow School is now accepting applications for the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 Semesters and registration is open for 2019 Summer Camp

We continue to accept applications year-round until each upcoming semester is fully enrolled.

The Oxbow School is a semester program in Napa, California focusing on studio artmaking and interdisciplinary humanities. This program provides juniors, seniors, and gap-year students the opportunity for an intensive art experience and thought-provoking academic instruction.

The atmosphere at Oxbow is one of artistic and social exploration combined with rigorous academics designed to prepare students for college and beyond. Oxbow alumni often go on to earn distinguished art and writing awards, and earn offers of admission and win scholarships at top colleges and universities.

We invite students to enlarge their artistic vision and enhance their technical skills in an environment dedicated to supporting artistic inquiry. Take this opportunity to further your education, expand your social horizons, explore your passion for art, and create a new foundation for your future!

Oxbow also offers a spirited and engaging summer art program for students ages fourteen to sixteen.

Artists In Residence

Oxbow School artist lectures are free and open to the public

In the year leading up to Oxbow, I became obsessed with the program, I was entranced with reading testimonials and researching interdisciplinary learning styles. When I arrived at Oxbow I was never disappointed, despite my endless expectations. I will forever cherish the time I spent at Oxbow and the connections I made there. Through Oxbow I was able to hone into the ideas I was thinking about, to refine my artistic process and to see the world in a new light every day of my life. I'm not going to say that without Oxbow I wouldn't be the person I am today, but I will say that without Oxbow it would have taken me at least four years to become who I am after one Oxbow semester.

— Phoebe Dubisch

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