Meaningful Art and Academics

While Oxbow is known as one of the best art programs in the United States for teens, it is also well known for innovative academics. At Oxbow we use every modality in the classroom. By providing multiple points of entry for each project students regardless of their individual strengths can access the curriculum and perform at their academic and artistic best.

View and download the full 2019/2020 Curriculum Packet.

The Oxbow curriculum has five main components:

  • Accredited honors level academic courses including English, Environmental Science, US History, and Math,
  • Elective Language Tutorials and additional Math courses,
  • Physical Education through activities like kayaking, gardening, hiking, and biking,
  • Studio arts including painting and drawing, printmaking, sculpture, design and new media (photography, film, video, animation, sound, digital art) and
  • Visiting artist’s residencies.

* Students interested in courses other than the core Oxbow offerings should contact the Admissions Office to request more information.

Required Courses

Course Credits Fullfills
Honors Studio Art 2 Studio Art, Painting, Sculpture, New Media, Printmaking
Honors English 1 English, American Literature, Advanced Composition, Language Arts
Honors Environmental Science 1 Environmental Science, Food Systems, Regenerative Agriculture, Agro-Ecology, Ecology
Math 1 Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry
Honors US History 1 US History, Civics, Government, Economics, Philosophy
Physical Education 1 Physical Education

Elective Options

Course Credits Fullfills
Language Tutoring in: Spanish, French, or Japanese, Chinese 1 Foreign Language
Algebra II 1 Algebra II
Pre-Calculus 1 Pre-Calculus
Calculus 1 Calculus
AP Calculus 1 AP Calculus
Trigonometry 1 Trigonometry
Geometry 1 Geometry
Independent Research In Mathematics 1

Throughout the semester extracurricular activities, field trips, guest lectures, and visiting artist residencies enrich the curriculum.

The semester concludes with a public art exhibition, with each student making a formal presentation about the research and critical thinking that informed their Final Project.

View and download the full 2019/2020 Curriculum Packet.