I can't believe it has already been over a year since my time at Oxbow. I think about it everyday and sometimes have to remind myself that it was not a dream. Words cannot describe how life changing Oxbow really has been for me. My family and I are so incredibly thankful for everything Oxbow has done for me as a person and as an artist. I am currently attending The University of New Mexico and am looking into double majoring in Psychology and Biology (with a possible Art Minor!) My first semester went well and I just started my second semester a week ago. I have been very fortunate to stay in contact with my Oxbow classmates and visited one of them in New York this past summer, and then I was able to take a trip out to San Francisco this past fall. It is comforting that they still have such a strong presence in my life, because unless you have experienced Oxbow you will never truly know the magic that goes on at that amazing school!

Sara Crespin
Fall 2009

Our daughter graduated summa cum laude from NYU with a double major in Studio Art and Art History. She is now working for Calvin Klein. She is contemplating getting a law degree and pursuing a career repatriating art objects. She still keeps in touch with several of her Oxbow classmates and they have regular reunions in Manhattan... I would say that Oxbow was the best semester that any of my four children spent in their cumulative 16 years of high school. Our daughter was the right kid, and for the right kid you do a wonderful job. You changed her life. Thank you.

John Powley

Oxbow was, without a doubt, the best part of my high school experience. A year after leaving, and I still feel as though it were yesterday that I was sitting on the lawn, eating in the dining hall, and laughing with my friends in the studios.

Julia Weir
Fall 2015

I can say with all my heart that Oxbow has truly changed my life. In just one semester I saw a development in myself that I never thought could be possible. The creative and supportive atmosphere that they have created here is something that I know I will never find again because it is so unique. The school aspect of it was so much more enjoyable and exciting then traditional schooling is. Oxbow bridges the subjects and makes connections between all aspects of life. I made connections and built relationships that will last a lifetime. If you have this opportunity take it! I have no doubt that this experience has pushed me above my peers and has shown me what a life of art will be like. OS31 FOREVER!

Logan Larsen
Fall 2014

When our daughter checks in, she is full of enthusiasm, stories, and debriefs that are a delight to hear. She is taking real risks as an artist, experimenting with techniques and mediums outside her natural talents and comfort zone. She is stepping up to a great deal more in her academic studies, discovering she is capable of learning more and contributing meaningfully in the small group, discussion-based classes at Oxbow. She recently told me she has never enjoyed learning more in her entire life - and this was in reference to reading and research related to an upcoming project. She is learning how to claim her own "voice" among her peers and she genuinely respects her teachers and the lessons they are bringing to her. Her environmental and corporate ethics studies have ignited a passion to "be the change she wants to see in the world." Most recently she calls with information about Colleges and what kind of experience they might offer her. She seems to understand now more than ever that she gets to design her life from here on out - and that her choices and efforts related to what will come next for her can "extend" the "Oxbow Experience." Rick and I had high expectations and hopes for what our daughter would get from Oxbow - and these have all been exceeded.

Leslie & Rick DePol

I want to thank you all for being so supportive and wonderful, thank you for running this incredible program. And half of my acceptance to RISD is because of Oxbow. (Especially thanks to Chris who wrote my letter of rec, to Jennifer who revised my essays, to the admissions team who helped me with my portfolio.

Jeff Shen
Fall 2014

I'm writing to let you know the good news that my son has been accepted at his Number One choice for college, the Tisch Undergraduate Film Program at NYU. As you know, he decided at the end of September to apply only to schools that offered an undergraduate film major, focusing on those with a greater emphasis on filmmaking than on academic film studies. He also sought out colleges with a solid core curriculum in the Humanities rather than more specialized art schools. In the end he applied to ten schools: NYU, USC, UCLA, SF State, U. Texas at Austin, Syracuse, Chapman University, B.U., Ithaca College, and Bard.

In December, after college visits and considerable research, and taking into account his six weeks' experience at the USC School of Cinematic Arts summer school, he decided to go for "Early Decision II" at NYU, as he believes that, all things considered, Tisch offers the ideal program for him: great resources, and emphasis on hands-on filmmaking, and a reputation for valuing high intellectual standards and artistic originality (vs. the more commercial industry-focused program exemplified by USC).

The great news is that he was accepted at Tisch! He's over the moon, and so are his Mom and I.

The creative and intellectual guidance and support you gave to him was clearly formative and catalytic, and he continues to think of you as a great mentor, and someone who made a real difference in his life. He will never forget you, and what you gave him. Thank you.

Our son’s entire experience at Oxbow was transformative, and you and the school made a tremendous difference in his life. It was the turning point in his high school experience, and he returned to Packer Collegiate a stronger student and person as a result. I've said this before -- but his acceptance at NYU is a tangible proof that what he and we have believed since he returned is a fact.

Bill Wadsworth

Hey guys! OS33 alumni here! I received a full ride to California College of the Arts and just wanted to tell you guys that if it wasn't for the Oxbow experience and the great faculty who saw the potential in me I wouldn't have gotten as far as I did. I am still waiting for other colleges at the moment but I think this might be the school I will attend this fall!

Keily Maldonado
Fall 2015

Throughout my life I have considered myself an artist and creative thinker. I have recognized the importance of having art and creative thought as an integral part of my learning environment, shared by my teachers and my peers. Attending The Oxbow School in the fall of 2011 solidified that recognition. I have never before been so alive with curiosity, creativity, and adoration of every subject I was learning. Being a part of such a creative educational community allowed my imagination the space to explore the endless possibilities of creation. I was challenged and motivated by my teachers and peers on a daily basis to think outside the box and work hard, and that hard work paid off in immeasurable ways.

Glenn Sherwin
Fall 2011

The Oxbow School has both a local and national reputation for excellence. Oxbow produces great artists. In its studio, these emerging artists have a community of creative peers who respect one another and foster an expectation to produce thoughtful, sophisticated work.

Paul Coffey
Vice Provost and Dean of Community Engagement, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago