Inspiration on the riverbank.

Rising 9th-12th Graders: Live an art life at Oxbow. Eat, breathe, speak, sleep, dream, explore, and make art!

The first week of camp is focused on exploring a variety of mediums. (Painting, Drawing, Photography, Video, Sculpture, & Printmaking) Oxbow students learn various techniques in each studio and are also challenged to explore their conceptual ideas. The second week, students propose and create a project of their own choosing, working closely with a faculty advisor.

Each day, campers mix studio time with participation in activities such as inspiration evenings, campfires, yoga, hiking, film screenings, and visits to local art exhibitions. Teens enjoy exploring their independence and making new connections among their peers and mentors.


The Oxbow Campus.

The Oxbow campus is a three-acre site that includes dorm suites, studios, dining hall, faculty housing, and our own organic garden. The award-winning studios with roll-up glass walls, provide state-of-the art working facilities that are virtually outdoors.

The Oxbow Summer Camp is designed for Boarding Campers only. All dorms have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a common area, and laundry facilities. There will be anywhere between 2-4 people per room and a dorm counselor assigned to each suite. Your dorm counselor will be your “art angel” for the camp. They are there to be your mentor and help ensure that you are healthy and safe and getting the most from your experience at Oxbow.



No bug juice served here.

You will probably never eat as well at any camp as you will at Oxbow. Our chefs are as artistic as our faculty. Aligned with the principles of the "Slow Food" movement and inspired by our friend, Alice Waters of Berkeley's Chez Pannise restaurant, our chefs specialize in organically grown, seasonal food obtained from sustainable sources. Much of the fresh produce is harvested from Oxbow's own gardens. Campers have three full, nutritious meals a day. Whatever your tastes, the Oxbow chefs are sure to give camper's taste buds "something to write home about." Housed in the historic Scaruffi House, the Oxbow dining hall is only steps away from dorms and studios and includes a riverside deck overlooking the Napa River for outdoor dining.

Final Show

A Time for Celebration.

At the end of each session of camp, the campers and staff put on a final show displaying the accomplishments of each camper. This is a time for family and friends to come by and see what we've been up to and get a small snapshot of what Oxbow is all about.

You can tour the campus and get a glimpse of what a thriving artists’ community. You will inevitably see what dedication, inspiration, great instruction, friends, creativity, and FUN can achieve.